The GPSA has an active role advocating on behalf of graduate and professional students concerning student health care, as well as educating students about their options and how to effectively utilize their student health insurance. The Healthcare sub-committee works to achieve these ends.

The links below provide quick references to the most important information on student health insurance at Penn State, as well as on other options. If you believe something is incorrect, should be removed, or should be added, email the GPSA office.

ACA and Student Health Insurance:

FAQs :

Healthcare Financial Literacy:

Most Recent Updates and Announcements

Health Insurance Update for 2016-2017 and forward (updated May 5, 2016)

Key Student Health Insurance Links

Student Health Insurance office (official Penn State student insurance page)

Aetna DocFind (finding in-network providers)

Health Insurance FAQ (regularly updated information on current and future student health insurance)

Past GPSA Presentations and Statements

Healthcare Literacy 101 Workshops, January 25 and 26, 2016

Healthcare Financial Literacy Workshop with Dr. Daad Rizk, April 16, 2015

February 11, 2015 Special Meeting on 2015-16 Student Health Insurance

June 2014 GPSA Collegian Statement on Health Insurance

Penn State Links

Mandatory Health Insurance requirements (for International Students)

Penn State Student Emergency Fund Application

CAPS (Counseling and Psychological Services)

Task Force on Student Health Insurance (Report and Updates from the 2014 task force)

GPSA Committees and Liaisons (contact information for health insurance liaisons and committee)

Outside Health Insurance Links

PA Medicaid Information (for low income families) (Insurance Marketplace/Exchange)

PA Health Access Network (nonprofit assistance with health insurance)

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