GPSA Newswire

To be added to the GPSA Newswire, send an email to with your name and the email address you want to be added. The Newswire is the easiest way to stay up to date with what the GPSA is working on and to get information upcoming events for Penn State graduate students.

The GPSA Newswire comes out on Mondays the week after GPSA meetings. If you would like to promote an event on the GPSA Newswire, send an email to by noon on Friday after the GPSA meeting with the following information:

  1. Title or Headline for your event
  2. Short description of your event (max 150 words, but can include link to Facebook or other web pages. GPSA also encourages you to have contact information in case students have questions about the event.)

Please ensure that your information is edited for grammar and spelling, as it will be posted “as is” in the newsletter.