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GPSA expresses the voice of graduate and professional students and spends its budget by passing legislation in accordance with our governing documents. Please find all recent GPSA legislation below.

66th Assembly (2016-2017) Legislation

Resolution 66-01: Support of CGE’s Efforts to Bring Unionization Vote to Penn State (TABLED)
Resolution 66-02: GPSA Bylaws Article XIII Proposition
Resolution 66-03: GPSA Bylaws Article X Proposition
Resolution 66-04: GPSA Bylaws Article 1 – At-Large Delegates
Resolution 66-05: Involvement in University Smoke-Free Task Force
Resolution 66-06: GPSA Article III, Section A
Resolution 66-07: Call on Penn State University Administration to Protect Undocumented Students (pending)
Resolution 66-08: Support for Reform of Graduate Faculty Definitions
Resolution 66-09: Call for Support to the Students Affected By the Executive Order on Immigration
Bill 66-01: Bylaw Amendments for Election Procedures
Bill 66-02: Constitution Amendment
Bill 66-03: Funding for Graduate Student Orientation Packages
Bill 66-04: Funding for GPSA Theatre Day
Bill 66-05: Funding for a Welcome Back Event for Graduate Students
Bill 66-06: Assembly Meeting Time Moved
Bill 66-07: Funding for Penn State Home Football Tailgates
Bill 66-08: Funding for Outdoor Work Day – Mid-State Trail Maintenance
Bill 66-09: Science Policy Society Town Hall Co-Sponsorship
Bill 66-10: Funding for Financial Literacy Seminar
Bill 66-11: Movin’ On Co-Sponsorship
Bill 66-12: Co-Sponsorship of the Student Bar Associations’ Event Funding for SBA’s Halloween Mixer at Indigo (TABLED)
Bill 66-13: Support for Community Spotlight Series Event
Bill 66-14: State of State Co-Sponsorship (TABLED)
Bill 66-15: 2016 Winter Gala Funding
Bill 66-16: State of State Co-Sponsorship
Bill 66-17: Co-Sponsorship of the PSU vs. MSU Blood Donor Challenge
Bill 66-18: Funding for a Third GPSA Financial Literacy Seminar
Bill 66-19: Funding for Spring GPSA Theatre Day
Bill 66-20: GWIS Voices Conference Co-Sponsorship
Bill 66-21: Funding for Fall Professional Headshots
Bill 66-22: College of Engineering Research Symposium Co-Sponsorship
Bill 66-23: Support for an Interdisciplinary Teaching Forum’s Efforts to Bring in Guest Speaker (Amended: $2,000)
Bill 66-24: Funding for Spring 2017 Graduate Writing Bootcamp
Bill 66-25: Funding for Spring Professional Headshots
Bill 66-26: TEDxPSU Co-Sponsorship
Bill 66-27: Smoke-Free Campus Survey
Bill 66-28: Funding for Roundtable Panel on Syria
Bill 66-29: Graduate and Professional Student Mixer (Amended to increase budget by $500)

65th Assembly (2015-2016) Legislation

Resolution 65-01: Adoption of the Legislative Platform
Resolution 65-02: Endorsement of the “We Are…Worth Funding” Campaign
Resolution 65-03: Zoning Ordinance Amendment Resolution
Bill 65-01: Funding for Welcome Back Event
Bill 65-02: Funding for Tailgates
Bill 65-03: Funding for GPSA Before Meeting Socials (Bill was rescinded after passage prior to veto.)
Bill 65-04: Funding for GPSA Office Manager
Bill 65-05
Bill 65-06: Funding and Support for the Red Cross Blood Drive Challenge
Bill 65-07: Funding for Meet the Delegates Outreach Events
Bill 65-08: Funding for Invited Speaker Alexandra Levitt
Bill 65-09: Funding for the GPSA Winter Masquerade Ball
Bill 65-10: Co-Sponsorship of the Student Bar Association Halloween Mixer
Bill 65-11: Co-Sponsorship of the Festival of Trees
Bill 65-12: Co-Sponsorship of the College of Engineering Research Symposium
Bill 65-13: Co-Sponsorship of the Movin’ On Music Festival
Bill 65-14: Funding for the GPSA Retreat
Bill 65-15: Co-Sponsorship for TEDxPSU
Bill 65-16: Funding for Invited Speaker Emily Roberts (Rescinded)
Bill 65-17: Funding for Healthcare Literacy 101 Workshops
Bill 65-18: Funding for Spring Mixer
Bill 65-19: Funding for Grad Cup
Bill 65-20: Funding for GPSA Spring Food Drive
Bill 65-21: Co-Sponsorship of ECMS
Bill 65-22: Funding for Town Hall with President Eric Barron
Bill 65-23: Co-Sponsorship for “Great Debate”
Bill 65-24: Funding for Dissertation Bootcamp
Bill 65-25: Funding for Centre County PAWS Visit
Bill 65-26: Spending for Post-Grad Cup Social

64th Assembly (2014-2015) Legislation

Resolution 2014-2015-1: BoT Healthcare Timeline Resolution
Resolution 2014-2015-2: Constitutional Amendment Resolution

63rd Assembly (2013-2014) Legislation


62nd Assembly (2012-2013) Legislation

Resolution 2012-2013-1
Resolution 2012-2013-2: Bylaws Amendment
Resolution 2012-2013-3: Bylaws Amendment
Resolution 2012-2013-4
Resolution_2012-2013-5: The Veto/Assembly Override Resolution
Resolution_2012-2013-6: The Term Limit Resolution

61st Assembly (2011-2012) Legislation

Resolution 2011/2012-1: Bylaws Amendment Resolution
Resolution 2011/2012-2: New and Revised Programs Subcommittee Resolution
Resolution 2011/2012-3: GSA Floater Parking Pass Resolution
Resolution 2011/2012-4: Awards Establishment Resolution
Resolution 2011-2012-5: Graduate Reception Resolution
Resolution 2011/2012-6: Graduate Student Bill of Rights

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