The Graduate and Professional Student Association (GPSA) elections will be held online from March 29th – 30th, 2017. Individuals who are elected will serve as part of the 67th Assembly from April 13th, 2017 – April, 2018.

If you would like to serve your fellow students, you can file you intent to run online at: Intent to Run

If you would like to see the current list of candidates please visit: Candidates

All graduate and professional students may vote online from 12:01am on March 29th until 11:59pm March 30th at: Vote


Executive Board

Registered graduate and professional students at Penn State are eligible to run for positions on the Executive Board. The main Executive Officers are the President, Vice President, Executive Secretary, and Treasurer.  They are responsible for running the daily business of GPSA and representing students outside of GPSA. The University Faculty Senator is a member of the Executive Board who is the representation to the representative body of the faculty at Penn State.  The five Graduate Council members are representatives to the graduate council of the Graduate School. Members of the executive board attend Assembly meetings with the further obligation of serving on representative faculty boards.

Assembly of Delegates

The Assembly is comprised of delegates representing the Academic Colleges, Schools, and Programs. Graduate and professional students are eligible to run for a delegate position in Academic College, School, or Program in which they are enrolled.  Available delegate positions for each program vary from 1-3 based on enrollment counts.  Delegates attend meetings of the assembly and participate in at least one subcommittee.  Delegates create and submit legislation for the assembly’s approval that leverages the financial and political resources of GPSA for the betterment of current and prospective graduate and professional students university wide.

University Park Allocation Committee (UPAC)

Graduate students elect two (2) graduate students to serve on the University Park Allocations Committee (UPAC). UPAC allocates student fee funds student activities including operations, conferences, equipment, media, programming (such as invited speakers), cultural events, concerts, student performances, homecoming, movies, and debates. The elected graduate students do NOT have formal obligations to the GPSA. More information can be found here: http://upac.psu.edu.


All graduate students vote for candidates running for the Executive Board positions and the UPAC positions. Only graduate students of the same Academic College, School, or Program may vote for delegates running for those positions.

*The website to vote is http://elections.psu.edu and will only be available during the designated election time.

The Graduate and Professional Student Association is governed by two primary documents. The first is the GPSA Constitution and the second are the GPSA Bylaws both are freely available for any who wish to take time to read them.

If you have any questions or concerns please email the GPSA Judiciary at JudiciaryGPSA@gmail.com.  Thanks!


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