Student Affairs Standing Committee

GPSA representatives leading new graduate student campus tours during orientation.

The Student Affairs Committee shall be tasked with fulfilling GPSA’s mission as it relates to improving the graduate and professional student body through its own programs, initiatives, and events. Programming, Human Diversity, Grad Cup, and Professional Development shall be standing subcommittees under Student Affairs. The Student Affairs Committee shall be tasked with ensuring these subcommittees are established and working for the betterment of graduate and professional student life.

Student Affairs Committee Chair: James Fan (

Community Service Sub-committee – The Community Service sub-committee works to strengthen community engagement among graduate and professional students through offering a variety of ways for students to volunteer or donate their time.
Sub-committee Chair: Steven Di Grazia (

Human Diversity Sub-committee – The Human Diversity sub-committee works to improve representation of and advocate for diverse perspectives in decisions that affect graduate and professional students.
Sub-committee Chair: Kyler Sherman-Wilkins (

Professional Development Sub-committee – The Professional Development sub-committee develops programs and seminars aimed at promoting professional and job related opportunities for graduate and professional students and coordinate with various offices and organizations at Penn State as necessary.
Sub-committee Chair: Christine Mosich (

Programming Sub-committee – The Programming Committee coordinates entertainment, social, involvement, and educational events for the benefit of the graduate and professional community.
Sub-committee Chair: Brian Conway (

Grad Cup Sub-committee – The Grad Cup sub-committee coordinates and plans the largest event hosted by GPSA. Grad Cup is a field day where graduate and professional students form teams and compete to win. It is a great event to meet those outside of your department and is a brilliant way to wrap up the year.
Sub-committee Chair: James Fan (