9/13 GPSA Meeting Recap: Two Bills pass, Pennsylvania budget updates

The Graduate & Professional Student Association (GPSA) met on Wednesday, September 13 at 6 p.m. in 108 Wartik.

The meeting opened with a special presentation from Laura Hall, the Senior Director of Campus Recreation. Hall explained the different facilities and programs offered and that all students should now have access to the gyms. She emphasized the new IM Building expansion completion, the availability of outdoor recreation through Stone Valley and Campus Recreation’s commitment to making their facilities more inclusive for all student body members.

In his report, GPSA President Matt Krott stressed the importance of contacting state representatives in order to get the Pennsylvania budget passed. Penn State is counting on over $300 million from the state, but it has been over two months since the July 1 budget deadline and the University still has not received its appropriation from the state legislature. Letters to representatives can easily be submitted through this link, or a phone number can be found on this link.

Bill 67-12 “Co-Sponsorship of Science Policy Society Panel” was passed by majority roll-call vote. Science Policy Society representative Grayson Doucette said this event would be open to all, and the speaker plans on highlighting the importance of science “in our daily lives as graduate students.”

Bill 67-13 “Graduate Student Leadership Roundtable” passed unanimously. Delegate Gerald Knapp is planning for three roundtables in the fall semester with the intent of GPSA learning and better communicating about the needs of other graduate student organizations.

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