GPSA Votes to Support Students Affected By the Executive Order on Immigration, Supports Reform of Graduate Faculty Definitions

The Graduate and Professional Student Association approved two resolutions at its most recent meeting. The first was related to the recent Executive Order by President Trump that restricts entrance to the United States for citizens from seven countries. This order impacts more than 200 students and an untold number of students’ families. The GPSA urges the university to takes all steps necessary to protect theses students interests.

Additionally, after extensive feedback from graduate students and academic administrators, the GPSA voted to support a change to the policy distinguishing between research and professional graduate faculty. We believe that Penn State’s policy is unnecessarily rigid.

Here’s the Daily Collegian article from the meeting:

Here is the text from the two resolutions:

Resolution 66-08: Support for Reform of Graduate Faculty Definitions
Resolution 66-09: Call for Support to the Students Affected By the Executive Order on Immigration

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